Spreading Holiday Cheer

December 14, 2023

Tis the season of giving, and The Leg Up Foundation has truly embraced the spirit of generosity and community at the 2023 International Christmas Market presented by TELUS. We are thrilled to announce that, through the success of 50/50 draws and ticket sales, we have raised an incredible $20,000. These funds are not just numbers; they represent the collective goodwill of those who participated, contributing to a cause that touches the lives of many. In the true spirit of the holidays, The Leg Up Foundation is directing these funds to support five essential community partners: the Calgary Food Bank, the Okotoks Food Bank, the Airdrie Food Bank, the Cochrane Food Bank, and the Tsuut'ina Food Bank.

A Community Coming Together

The International Christmas Market was not just a celebration of the festive season but also a platform for unity and giving back. Attendees, sponsors, and volunteers joined hands to create an atmosphere of warmth and compassion. The success of the 50/50 draws and ticket sales is a testament to the power of community coming together for a common cause.

Supporting Local Food Banks

The Leg Up Foundation believes in addressing immediate needs within our community. With the funds raised, we are proud to support five remarkable organizations that play a crucial role in alleviating food insecurity: the Calgary Food Bank, the Okotoks Food Bank, the Airdrie Food Bank, the Cochrane Food Bank, and the Tsuut'ina Food Bank.

  1. Calgary Food Bank: Serving as a lifeline for many Calgarians, the Calgary Food Bank provides essential resources to those facing food insecurity.
  2. Okotoks Food Bank: A pillar of support for the Okotoks community, this organization ensures that no one goes to bed hungry in their town.
  3. Airdrie Food Bank: Committed to building a strong and healthy community, the Airdrie Food Bank addresses the immediate needs of residents.
  4. Cochrane Food Bank: With a focus on compassion and dignity, the Cochrane Food Bank assists individuals and families in times of need.
  5. Tsuut'ina Food Bank: Serving the Tsuut'ina Nation, this food bank plays a vital role in ensuring access to nutritious food for community members.

Impact Beyond Numbers

While the $20,000 may be a tangible figure, the impact of these funds is immeasurable. Every dollar raised translates into meals on the table, support for families in need, and a brighter holiday season for those facing challenges. The Leg Up Foundation is not just writing a check; we are writing a story of hope, compassion, and community resilience.

As we reflect on the success of the 2023 International Christmas Market, The Leg Up Foundation extends its deepest gratitude to everyone who played a part in making this initiative a success. Together, we are creating a ripple effect of kindness that will resonate far beyond the holiday season. This is not just a donation; it's an investment in the well-being of our community, a gift that keeps on giving. The Leg Up Foundation looks forward to continuing our journey of making a positive impact, one community event at a time. 

Happy holidays to all, and may the spirit of giving continue to flourish throughout the year.