Partnership for Youth and Literacy: Spruce Meadows Leg Up Foundation, Cavalry FC, and Lucy Tries Soccer

May 30, 2024

In an inspiring collaboration that brings together the worlds of sports and literacy, the Spruce Meadows Leg Up Foundation, Cavalry FC, and the delightful children’s book "Lucy Tries Soccer" have joined forces. This initiative, generously backed by ATCO, Marmot Construction, and the Leg Up Foundation, has significantly impacted young lives across Calgary.

A Winning Team for Literacy and Sport

The partnership aimed to reach out to young students, combining the excitement of soccer with the joy of reading. With the support of Cavalry FC, a professional soccer team based in Calgary, and the heartwarming narrative of "Lucy Tries Soccer," this program has delivered an unforgettable experience to children in five Calgary Board of Education (CBE) schools and four Indigenous schools, impacting a total of 1,175 children.

The Power of Lucy Tries Soccer

"Lucy Tries Soccer," written by Lisa Bowes, is part of a series that encourages children to try new sports and activities. The story follows Lucy, a young girl who learns about soccer, demonstrating values like teamwork, perseverance, and fun. Each child in the program received a copy of this book, providing them with a chance to improve their reading skills and inspiration to engage in physical activity.

Spreading Joy and Encouragement

The outreach program went beyond mere book distribution. Cavalry FC players and representatives from the Spruce Meadows Leg Up Foundation visited the schools, engaging with the students, sharing their passion for soccer, and reading the book aloud. These visits created an environment of excitement and learning, where children could see their athletic heroes up close and feel encouraged to both read and play.

Support from the Community

The success of this initiative was made possible by the generous backing of ATCO and Marmot Construction. Their support ensured that the books were available for all the children and facilitated the visits to the schools. The Leg Up Foundation, known for its commitment to fostering education and development in youth, played a crucial role in organizing and executing the program.

Impact on CBE and Indigenous Schools

Visiting five CBE schools and four Indigenous schools, the program has left a lasting impression on many young minds. The children not only had the opportunity to receive a new book but also learned valuable life lessons through sports. The presence of Indigenous schools in the program highlights the inclusive approach of the initiative, ensuring that children from diverse backgrounds benefit from these enriching experiences.

Conclusion: A Bright Future Ahead

The partnership between the Spruce Meadows Leg Up Foundation, Cavalry FC, and "Lucy Tries Soccer," supported by ATCO and Marmot Construction, showcases the power of community collaboration. By promoting literacy and physical activity simultaneously, this initiative has provided children with tools for a brighter future. As we look forward, the success of this program sets a precedent for future initiatives that aim to blend education with physical activity. The smiles on the faces of the 1,175 children and the excitement they expressed about reading and playing soccer speak volumes about the positive impact such partnerships can have.This initiative is a testament to what can be achieved when organizations come together with a common goal: to inspire and uplift the next generation. Here’s to many more such collaborations that make a difference in our communities!